I want to create a custom group, but I have no idea how to do that! PLZ HELP ME



I want to create a custom group, but I don’t know how! Can anybody please explain how it works?


You can’t


!!! NOOOOO! I always wanted to do this, but now it won’t work!

:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: ;-; T-T


To clarify, custom groups can only be made people in @trust_level_4… not by new users, members or regulars. Currently there are no active moderators so you cant really ask anyone who would be willing to do that - especially because it takes time.

How can I create a group?

@KVJ clarified this really well. A moderator (or community intern) called @t1_hopscotch introduced this feature and you could request groups from her on a topic. Although, as she is working on other things with The Hopscotch Team. You could technically email THT at help@gethopscotch.com, but I don´t know if they could help you create a group.


You can’t anymore, sorry


In that case, everything that says how moderators can do it is useless. Now a moderator can’t make me a special group at all.


This is useless now. If you want proof, here it is:


ITV we had active moderators they could make one


Sorry, but I took notes, and here is what I concluded:

According to my conclusion, now nobody can make custom groups, even the most trustworthy Moderator.


No, nobody esxcept moderators can make groups. T1 was trustworthy, she just left the forum.


Its hardly useless. Rather than just giving a simple no which could confuse someone we are simply explaining the background of the answer to inform people who may not know. That is not useless. And as i stated, they could happen if anyone in trust level 4 were willing… but its highly unlikely


Not that I usually care about grammar, but @HopscotchRemixer and @KVJ, you need to fix the typos.
Okay guys. I don’t mean to start up a roar, but here is why I told you it is how useless. Trust me, it’s has nothing to do with the required trust level.

When you use words that go against something happening, then use words like “anymore,” it makes things seem permanent. @HopscotchRemixer should’ve known better than to do this:

Note how I bolded the text to clarify.


so what is this exactly about???

Trust levels?
The first trust level is when you get here and stuff
2nd member
3rd regular
4 moderators (right?) but nobody except actual moderators can get that


You are kind of getting annoying and telling people what to do. Please don’t tell me what to do or tag me unless you have something productive to say and not ask me to fix typos or problyou have with my posts. I don’t want to sound rude but calling people out like that is rude…


Um ok but where did I say anymore?

Also there is no “roar” just a couple of people asking for clarification.


Please don’t critique my granmar and then display this to me in the same post. Lol


Maybe you don’t mean to sound rude, but you sound as though you’re simply defending yourself and justifying for a mistake on your end that doesn’t need to be justified. People can say things like “you can’t anymore” and mean that you used to be able to, and now that feature doesn’t exist. This doesn’t imply that it will never happen again, especially considering the rest of the chat.


@KVJ it wasn’t you. I was @HopscotchRemixer. Here is proof of that:


This time, I think that what @HopscotchRemixer said DOES imply that it will never happen again, especially considering that the topic was closed down.