I Want Project Ideas



Hello, Hopscotchers!
I want to make a cool project, but I don't know what it should be.
Does anyone have any ideas? Post them here.


A game? You could make Laser Snake extended edition!


Sorry, @AHappyCoder. I am not an advanced coder, and cannot make advanced projects like Laser Snake, :confused:.


How About A Dounut Maker? ( I Made One And It Got Into Featured )


Oooooohhhhhhhh Ok you could get the basics of game making :wink:


@Pokemon101, what are some basics to making a donut maker? Sorry, as I mentioned before, I am not really an advanced coder.


Okay, @LavenderLovinNerd
1. When Making The Dounut Or Frosting, Please Draw A Circle!
2. Use Some Values! It'll Help It Max Up Into Featured!
3. When Using Topping's, Think Of A Way It Won't Go All Over The Place!
That Is Pretty Much All I Have For Now, @LavenderLovinNerd, But Believe Me, I Will Add More!


@Pokemon101, thank you for the tips, :slightly_smiling:!


OR,,,,,,,,,,, You Can Look At My Dounut Maker In Featured For Inspiration!!!!!!!


There's also mine which was in rising!


@Pokemon101, is it okay if I copy your donut maker's code? I will try to remember to give you credit, :grin:!


@DancingLollipop, can I also maybe copy off your code, giving you credit?


Yeh that's fine! But make sure you give me credit!:wink:


@DancingLollipop, what is your Hopscotch username, so I can copy off your donut maker?


Don't Worry. @LavenderLovinNerd. @DancingLollipop Already Responded.


Dancing Lollipop


Okay, Hopscotchers, @Pokemon101 and @DancingLollipop, I can't really make a donut maker due to Leave a Trail and Set Position problems. I think, I might have to make something else. Who knows what I should make, excluding the donut maker?


You can make winter games! Like decorate a snowman by dragging shapes, making your own snowflake design, or maybe a sledding game?
If you don't want to make a winter themed project, you can make a charm bracelet game. Maybe you can drag emojis to a bracelet?