I want good challenge ideas



I want to make a challenge, but I don't know how and what to make!!!

What should I make for a challenge?!?

  • build something with emojis
  • make a certain project
  • best drawer
  • other



I love taking part in and creating challenges! When I create a challenge I try to think of something I love like waffles and try to create a challenge around it. Otherwise I find that challenges related with everyday life get loads of likes and comments. Adding atwist or something that hasn't been seen before is great. :yum::cat:


Right now I'm waiting for someone to break the tie in my poll!!!


Hi @Hoppertoscotch, I think that you should try something that no one else has done before! Maybe some sort of coding, like telling about your hopscotch story.
If I'm not clear, please tell me!


Yeah, how is telling my hopscotch story a challenge? @Kiwicute2015


Here's a link

My Hopscotch Story was a challenge created by the Hopscotch team a long time ago.

Here's my project. One of the versions I made got on Featured but I couldn't find it.



Meh, I got an idea now! I will try to give you the link to it when I'm done!


@Kiwicute2015 here is my first challenge