I want a title!


Can someone give me a title? Pleeez!
(This isn't really help with code but there's nowhere else to put it in)


It's a special treat from da Mods.
(BTW are you in NZ time zone?)




They will not hand you a title unfortunately.


Yep, you will have to win a special contest if you want a title. And yes @StarryDream, she's also my sister (:


Ohh, maybe tell her to calm down a bit. She has a lot of flagged posts.


She's your sista?
Um, just give her an explanation about da yummy title chocolate treat​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I'm Asian Kiwi🇳🇿


A lot? I thought there was only one.


Really? Well, I saw one but I read some of her other posts and I thought maybe they r flagged.




Sorry, the mods don't give out titles anymore D:

They only give out titles for:

  • Day of silence (an LGBT thing)
  • Contest titles
  • Mods and leaders can have their own title



Hokay BOT


It is leike we :zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth::zipper_mouth: fir a whole day? (Man I just can't resist talking…)


I have, but she still doesn't seem to get it.


How old is she?


I have no idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Sorry, they don't do title requests, and titles are really rare!

You have to earn them :D
Or when you get the Regular badge, you can make your title 'Regular' like mine! :D


Hi! :3
Titles are special treats from mods, and you can get them for:

  • DOS
  • Winning some coding contests
  • Becoming a leader

Titles would be so fun if everyone could get them, but for now, these are the rules :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also get one saying 'Regular' for becoming a regular! :3

So, if you work hard or wait till DOS, you could get one! :3


So much suspense

I'm eating popcorn :popcorn:



They don't do title requests!