I want a partner in crime!



What happened to this topic. It's 5% coding partner 95% GIRAFFE EQUALITY


@Nboss84 is trying to get in my signature sandwich that I do at school because @PopTart0219 brought it up



Welp, I guess I wanna join this whole team partner thing.


U can now date a giraffe


(Slowly walks backwards)


What I'm good at:

  • being trustworthy
  • procrastinating
  • adding tiny details or doing boring bits of code
  • idk not much else
  • yeah thats it


EDIT: idk why i made this a poll but i was bored... So.


You're really good!
I follow you, and I have pretty high standards for who I follow.
That's saying something.


:0 woah
wait are you talking to me? XD


Yup :wink:
You're incredibly swaggy!


I would join...
If I wasn't in 9001 collabs...


... and that's coming from someone called SUPERSWAGGY...
Welp, thanks.


@Gilbert189 @Rawrbear @PopTart0219 @Sparkczy I need your hopscotch emails :customs:


Umm... Can I email my email to you? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No seriously, can I?


@SUPERSWAGGY it's banned to share emails unless it's a disposal one. So I will have to flag this. I know this is great but sorry :sob:


I don't have one! I can use a throwaway email later, but I'm going to watch Doctor Who with mah family. I'll be right back.


It's a gmai.l



Can I please use my personal e-mail. I am trustworthy, hardworking, and a very good coder+friend.


Email me at email has been rekt


I'm not really sure what that means, could you elaborate?


@SUPERSWAGGY HS does not allow sharing your email because it could be exposed for personal info