I wanna work with the hopscotch team


Is it weird that when I get older I kinda wanna work with the hopscotch team?

I don't wanna move all the way to where they live or anything...

I really wanna encourage coding more and help out.

But working with hopscotch is a dream and it will probably stay that way :sweat_smile:

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I know how you feel. I made an exact topic like this. You can look at the posts the Rodrigo made to help me figure out how to work there.



There's the problem with it for me. I would have to move really far away lol


Where are you right now?



I planned to live here when I get older too


Phew, you're really close! I'm in Russia... XD


I don't actually know how close I am to New York

I'm pretty self taught right now XD


Ran out of likes again... This is awful I wanna like stuff lol


@Zachyswag @DMF do I have to go to college for this?


I'm in Florida too, so we basically have the same situation. Don't worry! Once you get out of college, you should be able to fly over to New York and move in right away. Just make sure you apply for your job before you leave. You have a long time to go until you have to go! We might work together if we both get the job! :smiley:


I'm pretty sure you have to get a degree in computer science. (Unless you don't want to be a programmer. Then you have to get a different degree, or maybe not even have to go to college.)

What job title do you want?


Gaaaaahh... college and flights and stuff... I'm kinda scared for all that
I'm twelve but I always get mistaken for an eight year old literally lol


Yep, I'm 12 too. We got a loooong time to go!


Yeah. We can work together to get there though :grinning:


Uhh what's a degree exactly (this is why I said it's probably gonna stay dream XD I'm not so smart)


It basically mean you graduate from your major. If you would be a software engineer at THT, then you would major in computer science. Once you get your degree, it's basically saying that you know how to work as a your job here.


Ohh ok

What kind of jobs are there?

I always wanted to help people on hopscotch and help improve it


@Zachyswag I need to go to bed now so I'll see you in the morning good night


Hi! I know what you mean! It would be cool! :joy: