I wanna make a parkour game can you do that in HS



I wanna make a parkour game but how

That's supposed to be a confused pic (i like Clumsy ninja :/)


you can, funky 63 make one so i be u can :wink:


No offense but that doesn't exactly help :confused:


well the title says "can you make a parkour game" and i said "yes, you can"


I mean can you do that in hs (i think i forgot) but do you know what code you need \: for parkour i gonna change the name of this topic

There :grinning:


you can, funky 63 is a hopscotcher, and just make jumping on buildings, its that simple


(Sigh) BUT WHAT CODE DO I NEED i can't invite funky here cause idk how in my boxing topic on how i said how to invite and i need to be a member but idk how to become a member

Wait how do all of our comment/text things have likes


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Thanks :sweat_smile:
(Filling some text cause i need 20 to let this comment post)