Hey everyone :wave:. This is @StarKid and @StarKid2017. It’s been months since I’ve been on the forum and hopscotch. In 2016, I found about hopscotch. I became OBSESSED with it and everyday after school I would check the forum like a hawk. I started to lose interest of the forum and hopscotch and so I joined roblox and focused on that for quite a while and my obsession for that grew so wild, I would stay up past midnight and play roblox. My parents took me off for a month and I don’t like roblox anymore, I’ve lost interest and I’m done with it. Now, I’m focusing on hopscotch and I’m so excited to start my journey on hopscotch and to learn of new things. And I’m hopefully going to enjoy coding again and not get too obsessed. I know this sounds dramatic lol. I’m not trying to make it dramatic tho.

(P.S) I’m 10 years old now!


Welcome back!!!