I use words but I'm not saying I'm intelligent!


Ok so at the bottom of a topic I was reading through I noticed that there were 10 new topics. I instantly thought, someone must have joined, someone made a new gt or someone legitimately has something to talk about that actually relates to Hopscotch. Turns out it was none of those. 5 of the ten were chat rooms, or at least 5 of the 10 had the word chat in the title.

So… why are we suddenly going back to chat rooms?
(yes I just asked you that question, it isn’t rhetorical)

They had flooded the actual app not too long ago. But now there are at least 6 new chat rooms in the past 10 hours on the forum. I know some newer people don’t know fully how the forum works and I bet many people have not read the actual guidelines but seriously?

Here’s some ways to prevent this in the future!!!

  1. Use a general topic.
    It isn’t too difficult, just tag who you would like to chat with and you can chat there.
  2. Use the already created chat rooms.
    They’re already existing and can’t be undone you might as well fill them up. But then go to option 1.
  3. Don’t chat.
    This is the worst one in this list but it still makes sense. If you don’t chat then there are no chat rooms.

Are we really going to make the forum as uncivilized as the app with chat rooms? Or are we going to stop making them?


yes, yes, yes! thank you so much. i feel like this topic partners with mine, lol.


yeah i was thinking the same thing


thank you so much. I hope it doesn’t sound Ike I’m targeting anyone though!

Us older forumers gotta stick together.


it’s roleplay :roll_eyes: some new kids joined and they are rping


i know right

i mean, if so many HSers oppose RPs on HS, then why do it here?

hey horse


hi nachey

hold on

@Kayro, I’m not regular anymore and i can’t find my gt, can you see if it’s in the lounge and unlounge it please? sorry youre the first reg i thought of


This is because, me and friends were having problems with chatrooms.


This whole forum is a chat room.

again, use your general topic.


Agreed,@Kayro. I don’t know why people don’t read the guidelines! It’s not that hard!




Oh yeah sure ill find it. And tag u.


You only have 2 topics neither r a GT?

1 is Ta g list the other is leaving


did my gt get deleted??


that’s my fault, not sorry about that.
@HorseLover347, it’s not new kids rping anyways. Sure, there’s some new people rping, but there’s some old forumers aswell.


Hello I’m a new kid
The reason why there’s a lot of chat rooms: someone decided to lounge one of them, and “new people” didn’t know what happened, so they decided to create another topic. The same thing happened over and over.


Yes! I agree with that! Thank you for creating this topic!


I agree with everything you said!! I have noticed this as well! And you briefly implied this in your topic, but I think the people creating chat rooms are the newcomers, more than the veterans. Nice topic, and also nice reminder!!!


Hmm… If it’s a new user, they cannot access random topics, so the user might have not known.


and why did you need to reply here