I Urgently Need An Artist Plz


I need a drawer for the collab account ScotchHop Team
That would be the final step, so if anyone would like to join contact me and I will get you to The Team
2-3 spots available

If u need anyone else I can but I’m not very good -@Kayro
Not certain but it sounds fun~ @TappymLP
I’ll think about it! My art isn’t the best though XD -@CandyflossClouds
Maybe… I don’t draw on Hopscotch unless I make the pad myself XD -@DECODECO

I love art please let me join!! I will do the best I can ^♡^ -@ArtisticCoder


A drawer? Just an artist in general?


Oh I can no wait I can't I'm sry


What would we have to do?




Do you want to join? You can add yourself.


So just on an art pad or something?


Yes, and just plain drawing...


I need your usernames on HS


LavenderArts​:trident::evergreen_tree: Is my username right now


Okay, thanks! Should I log on :0

And I remember it so you can delete it


You can log on
Make some art and use the art pad idk
Just do some trail stuff cause I am not good at that stuff lol
You can still code!


Can I join???????????


Kayro!!! Pass???
Couldn't find it. Can u reply then delete?


Do u have the pass
If not it is 2 posts above


Can I help? This sounds good.


Ill do it
I'm an artist
+ I was tagged


Mine is Tappy​:wink::point_up_2:🏻мℓρ


It is RubyWolf


Can you still do it plz