I tried programming a rotate tool for my infinite building blocks but I couldn’t figure it out



I wanted to make a rotate tool for cloned building blocks in a new update of a project. How would i go about that?

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forum!

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So, you’re trying to make something like a slider or button that, when used, would make an object rotate?
@Petrichor, any tutorials?


Hmm… you are at the right place to ask, but could you please share a link to your project or take a screenshot of your code and then upload it to here? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Do i have to make a complicated ID system to only rotate 1 clone?


Sorry, I’m not an advanced coder and don’t really know. :grimacing:
I hope you figure it out! :wink:


Do you have a system for the spawning/placing of the blocks?


Hey. Welcome to the forum.
Are you trying to make a slider that can rotate Clones of objects or what? I’m not entirely sure what you mean, so a screenshot of the project or code would be helpful, as William04GamerA said. If you provide a screenshot or explain what exactly you are trying to do,I might be able to help.

@Petrichor and @ThinBuffalo might be able to help (COAN and W04GA are already here, so theyll probably be able to help too)


Tap a square to select it.
Press the arrows to rotate it.
Tap the square again to deselect it, or
Tap a different square to select it.

Very simple version you can copy off of. Just add the dragging program and you’ll be set.

Petrichor has done a great job of explaining, however the last two photos and captions are the ones that you will need to understand.


By cloned building blocks do you mean single clones, or stacked clones? Both are a similar process.

This is for single clones.

This screenshot is mainly to show you the code for the rotate button, but also shows you the two abilities inside the code for the blocks.

This is the clone ability. The first rule says that when any clone is tapped, it will ask if its clone index = 1. This details folder has an explanation of the clone index variable.
If it is the original, it creates a clone.
The second rule gives each clone a random color, then moves the clone to the last touch position. With this code, you’ll have to touch it again to drag it, but you probably already have that done, if you’re using something like this.

This image just shows the rules inside of the move object rule.

This is the drag rule. The first rule says that when self is tapped, set x offset to the distance between my x And the touch position x, then set y offset to the distance between my y position and the touch position y.
The last block in the first rule is used for rotation, and sets a variable of the original object to self clone index. You’ll see why later.
The second rule,a when pressed, checks if it is not the original object. If it isn’t, it sets position to last touch x minus x offset, last touch y minus y offset.
This drags it from the place you touched the object, and not the center.

This is the rotation custom rule. When the rotate button is pressed, check if the variable we set in the drag rule is still equal to my clone index, and if it is, then rotate.


Hope this helps.