I think you're overreacting


So, lately I've been seeing some stuff about the "Age restriction" on the forum. But don't you think that if this was the case THT would be enforcing it? Not ONCE has anybody on THT even MENTIONED the age restriction, so I don't think we should be going crazy over it. K?


Should I leave because some of the twelve year olds are being rude


Of course not.

People gotta read @BuildASnowman's posts in that topic.



keep it clean please and thanks.


Yeah, sorry, I haven't taken a shower today, no, I'm not clean. Ha




No one will see
No one will care


Now you're calling me a no one :stuck_out_tongue: jk lol.

Shall we GBOT?


You know, the forums are kind of like Percy Jackson. As soon as one bad thing is defeated, another comes to take it's place.


Kronos, Gaia, Apollo's statue


Well, it's just the roman emperors in general.


And one more thing. There are some people who are telling others that they shouldn't be on the forums and that they should leave, like they are the ones in control. I'm gonna keep these names anonymous, so nobody gets a ton of hate.




Bookmarking because the names are in alphabetical order

K thx bye


I'm a 12 year old.....Don't worry, I wasn't being rude :wink:


The official mass tag list is in alphabetical order


Check out this if you're confused. Also:

Teasing others about this is not okay, so be careful when you post! :smile:

By the way, every single online website in the U.S that has access to your personal information has this policy such as Instagram, Snapchat, Musical.ly, Twitter, Facebook, Hopscotch, etc. It's not saying you're not allowed on the website. It's saying you need an adult guardian's approval and understanding that the website is using your information. The Terms Of Service exactly state: "Our site, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 13 years old or older. If this server is in the USA, and you are under the age of 13, per the requirements of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), do not use this site."

And, no, this rule was most definitely not created because of the maturity level of those younger than 13. It's simply because of our safety. The U.S government just doesn't want children throwing out their personal information. I know many, many kids on this forum who are younger than 13, but are still incredibly mature, so please don't say that's the cause for making the COPPA policy. :+1:

Dudey's topic! (Has been April foolsed) rip

Age restriction?
Dunno wut you are talking about…


here be us Brits like wot