I think this is a bug


Hey people! I found a bug! Yay. So, I noticed, that the scroll thing that displays total posts, shows a diffrent display then when you tap the post and it shows what number post it is. If this didn’t make sense, look at the attached screen shot. I think it has something to do with deleted posts? Not to important, but it’s a bug. Thanks! Just wanted to bring this to your attentions!

Screen shot:

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Topics shoot into the 1500s when they are closed…
Another bug

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The post tap part counts deleted posts and it also counts deleted posts when the topic hits 10k.

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Ok. So not a bug?

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Yeah it does. It isn’t a bug

This is post 8, 2 people have deleted posts.


Nope, I don’t think so

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Ok. Sorry y’all. @Leaders this can be closed

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closed #11
archived #12