I think there should be a variable (yellow block) for colours too



What if someone was making a episode and they used different colours for each characters’ dialogue? Won’t it be really hard to go to every set text box, looking for your colour and then adding it? I think it will be way easier with value blocks for text colour.


Hopscotch has 24 color values, kind of similar to hsb colors. If I set a variable "color" to 24, the color would turn out as black, 15 might be blue and so on. You can also just have variables of "hue" "saturation" and "brightness" and each object assigned to a color could have these values in it, same for "red" "green" and "blue".

There are ways to manually do it, but yeah I think that would be a cool block idea! :smiley: It would make everything easier!


I actually had this idea a long while ago! I think it's great to see that other Hopscotchers want to see it happening :D


About the first part I thought I was probably the one of the very few who knew that. That is possible for my idea. But I doubt anyone knows about the list, I know I don't. Like if I want white than what number is that?

Also ( out of topic ) but is that a OM sign? Are you from India?


255, 0, 100 in hsb, and 255, 255, 255 in rgb

Yeah it's an Om sign. My parents are from India. :wink:


No, it's

H: (Anything)
S: 0
B: 100


I'll edit it


Oh hi @girlcode!
I haven't seen you in a while and yeah I agree they should add that block


i meant the first thing. about the variable: What if i want a specific color but i don't know what number it is? is there some sort of list?


Then you can just look it up
I can show you a link to where I get my rgb color values


i think you might have got it wrong again. i know rgb and hsb just not the list of colors for hopscotch. i mean you know how you said black is 24 in color value, well then what is white?

( I am just going to rewrite. )
Exactly! you said might how can someone know for sure?

sorry for bothering you so much


I think white might be 24 and black might be 23 :thinking:


Yeah,I agree! Maybe email THT and see what they say.