I think the activity tab is broken again


I think the activity tab is broken again because there will be the green dot there and there will be no new notifications when I know there are new notifications

By the way have you seen my you're project on trending? Because I saw a project with five likes on trending


You should tag THT xD


Bruh I just saw this in the activity tab, how ironic


Yep. It's done that ever since the subscription update. :)

Even if the project has zero likes, it gets on trending. You just have to scroll down reaalllyy far to find those. So basically, every project that everyone publishes gets on trending. XD


Interesting... THT should see this.


What is interesting?? XD

Nu srsly what is interesting XDD


It's a bug. Also, you have to end your uses of <small> with </small>.


I know, but one day I did it with only the first small, and it worked. So, I just did that.

Does it look different for other people? For me the text is still small... :thinking::thinking:


It works, but it's bad HTML.


I do not do HTML anyways though. XD

It's just a little short cut I do, no biggie. :)


<small> is HTML.
Read the tutorial that I gave you.


I'm only a smol little person. XD


Read the HTML tutorial I gave you a link to.