I think something is wrong with my iPad but I'm not sure


So basically sometimes my screen randomly freezes so I have to turn my iPad off and then I turn it back on and put the passcode in. It freezes. I turn off my iPad again and when I try to unlock it the screen turns black and I have to put my passcode in that way. Then it logs me in. This black screen stars happening today and sometimes in the past my screen has frozen but I wanna make sure my iPad isn't hacked because I was making a lyric video while my screen froze and I don't want my hard work to be lost.
I'm starting to think the app I downloaded named DoDa-HD does this but another person who downloaded it said it had no viruses. Hm.... I use that app to download videos and such...


Idk I'm not a tech guy

W8 why am I here if I can't solve the problem k bye


1st the iPad isn't hacked
And 2nd try this https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203039 (submit a question and check if u get ur respond)
If they can't help. I've other suggestions. Just tag me


Meanwhile, here are other suggestions:


Do you have slither.io


Yeah why


a. Try a hard restart
b. Do u have iOS? If u do check if the software update is completed
c. Go to ur settings and check 4 any problem
d. Take ur iPad to someone that can help if none of these worked.


Do you go online instead of the computer


I used to have the slither.io app but I delete don't it


But I can't update if I have no space ever on my iPad


Do you mean iOS? ....


Well then that's causing it
That happened to me
Online gives bugs
How long have you deleted it for


I don't know or remember what do you mean




Ok then
I will rephrase
How long has it been since you deleted the slither.io app?


I don't know what u said u can't update.


I barely have any space on my iPad and updates take up a bunch of space


I don't know.


Restart the iPad perhaps?


Well about a month from when you deleted the app the bugs should slow down

Do a hard restart