I think I'm going to leave. Sorry guys


The Hopscotch Forums just aren't fun anymore. I talked about this in the Desolate plains. My big projects all get stuck in the filter. I'm probably still going to be on actual Hopscotch, and I might come on here every once in a while, but I feel like I'm not getting my message across. The homophobes on HS are one of the groups of people that I want to teach. I want to show them that I'm a human. But they muted me. I might still come on the Forums, but nowhere near the extent of what I've been doing before.

My Message To You

If I'm leavin.g, I want you to know something. If you are reading this thinking, Oh, thank G.od she's gone!, then chances are, that you're part of the problem. I came here to make my mark. This was going to be my way of changing the world. But this droplet of water, this magnolia tree, was presented with so many obstacles. Walls, logs, fires. So I'm feeling pretty darn defeated. An incredibly popular Hopscotcher almost left because of me. They talked about how I'm wrong and shouldn't bring this stuff here. But I am not throwing away my shot. I'm not going to be helpless. Because I didn't manage to get this right. I'm not satisfied. I may be leaving Hopscotch, but there's a million things I haven't done. Just you wait. You'll see me in the news. I'll be America's first queer president. You haven't seen the last of me. So keep my dream going. Question yourself. Are you part of the problem? Are you part of the solution? Question yourself. What am I doing to change the world? Question yourself. Am I changing it for the better? Question yourself. Are you the reason the world needs changing?


Please stay!

You're so inspiring! We need you! :D


No! Don't leave! Whatever you do...DO NOT LEAVE!!!


Oh no!

You will be missed tons!
You were such a unique inspiration to the community
And you were nice helpful and changed the forum!
Please stay!


Please stay! Your inspiring and to me you definitely got the word across about LGBT+
You will be missed lots and lots!!! The forums won't be the same!
Some are going to dislike you but some are going to support you!
Remeber I'm your SUPPORTER


But I think he'd problem is,
Is getting the word about LGBT good?

But it's great!


I love to learn about LGBT please don't leave!


Too bad. You are one of the community's favorite Hopscotchers. And you changed the forum. And you are a big inspiration to the community. You have made a


difference. You made your mark in Hopscotch. You have done so well. You have coded amazingly for a new Hopscotcher. You were so nice.


Please don't leave! ^^^^^^^^


ᗪOᑎ'T GO ᑭᒪEᗩᔕE!!!! :worried::pray:


Please, noooo!

Your topics change the forum in the best way possible!


Oh no! I don't know you very well, but please stay! Everyone wants you to stay!


No, you are so awesome, I'm one of ur biggest fans!


No, do not, your awesome, I said some mean things, and hate it, I hope I'm not the reason


Don't leave D:

You were really awesome and inspiring to me. You really helped changing HS and the forums. You also are an amazing writer. Your topics are just so amazing.

Hope you stay, but I'll respect your decision either way.


Sorry guys, I just don't feel like I'm doing anything productive here. I don't feel like me staying will help, or contribute to the forums in any way. I feel useless.


Please stay @LGBT.Coder, I know you get discriminated here but everything will be better. This isn't going to be the same without a great friend like you. Please don't leave. But if you must, you may.


Fun fact! It turns out you might be from the same school as Superswaggy! And Sparkczy


I know I go to the same school as @Sparkczy but idk about Superswaggy.


Yup! I think you are! And even RandomowlsLC!