I Think i'm Addicted



Hi all,

So i have a problem. I think I am addicted to going on the forum...

I have two weeks of tests coming up soon, and I really need to revise, but every time i go to look something up on the computer, i automatically type in "hopscotch forum" and there i am for like 2 hours. I really don;'t want to temporarily leave, but I would really like some advice on what to do. My parents don't know I have the forum, and Its kinda taking up a lot of my life.

I would really appreciate your help,

a very worried Candycane



Am I Publishing Too Much?

Simple. Don't go on here!!!! Lol

Siriusly, allocate time to yourself! Or tell your Eltern so someone can restrict you! Or keep the forum away from you! If it's harder to use it with a particular device, use that device for your studying


Siri. :0


Thankyou I don't think i'll be able to stop, its like a family to me ;-;


Siri… Sirius… Siriusly…
A connection?




yes please.....


Yeah I need to as well! Get some sort of restriction! Either through parents or relatives or friends or blocking the forum!


I just need studying time, I go to a grammar school and if my grades start dropping, then thats that ;-;


Well... If you think you're spending too much time...

Delete the forum from your bookmarks?
That's how I take breaks, but it could work for lessening time on the forum.

The main point of this method is laziness. XD

Or whenever you try to get to the forum you just tell yourself, no.

Don't do that right now.
Later! XD

Self control!

Or you can just notice what you're doing, and just bring yourself to get off of the forum.
After a while has passed, notice that and get off of the forum.

Self control! XD
Break the habits.


Then study! Set aside some time each day to study! Study at school if nötig!


Good idea! Bagsy being one!! La >: )


Put yourself on a timer whenever
you are on the forum!
That might work...
Or just look at the time a lot... XD


Thankyou so much @sMiLiNgSnOwFlAkEs XD. Thats really helpful, even now, I am trying to unsuccessfully write a history essay. Thanks for the help though. I'll give myself 10 minutes, and then everyone has permission to tell me off for staying on too long

@KVJ, yeah, you can!
@t7lks , thankyou, great idea! :D
@Pingu, i'll look at the like alot XD... 18:44


Lol meanwhile I'm here… even though I should be studying and doing a global language competition… :sweat_smile:


I have a french speaking exam next week. >.<


Mhm. :unamused:


Bon! Bone Fortune!

I think…




Lol… yeah I wil… in an hour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


nope, i'm here.... >.<


Get to thy Lernen!!!!!!!! Nun!