"I think I'll quit because" posts


I find it VERY annoying when a find a post that says,"I am quitting hopscotch because 1. Nobody likes my projects 2. I work so hard and don't get noticed. I think that is a huge thing and people only do it to so tyey can get attention. Please STOP


so your not quitting... your just bringing up the quitting posts?


Yeah, that probably is confusing though




I edited the post title so it's more clear that you're not quitting. :wink:


I edited the title also adding posts


I agree, those are super annoying and just clutter Hopscotch. Besides, you never get anywhere by quitting. How are you going to become a great coder when you quit because you have no likes? Everyone has to start somewhere.


Also they don't quit they only say that for attention


Yeah I saw this post on the forum a few days ago! They said they were quitting because they hate hopscotch and it's boring and they'd rather play games than make them.


Yeha! My projects usually get 6-18 likes a day but I don't care, I just care that people appreciate my work and that I actually put time into it.p so I can become a great coder. The most likes I've ever gotten was 48 on my "Bubble Tap!" game, and I was proud of myself for making a great project so now about 70% of Hopscitxh knows I work hard.


That's okay(ish) if they really want to quit and by not do it QUIETLY meaning no posting about it just leave!


A lot


I totally hate the "like this if you don't want me to quit posts" when 90% of the time they don't even quit :expressionless:
If you are quitting, have good reasons like school or family and friends...


I know right so annoying


Absolutely. You said it nicely, if I have understood you. It's like, "Have some respect for yourself and others. It's okay to move to other things, but be positive about it, or just leave in silence." ...Right?

I think I'll quit...

...even reading "I quit" posts, before I mute them.




How did I offend you? I was just saying somebody was quitting.


@HappyDolphin was the person you were talking about :wink:


He was? Oh sorry then.


Um you did say you were quitting really nicely and all but you are still on here aren't you so you did not quit