I think I have been hacked! (It was just a glitch we were collab bing)


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: DA-BEAST

What kind of device are you using?: IPAD AIR

1 sentence description of the problem (I was making a project , and then I came out to check my activity tab, then I go back to drafts and all of fooddeliverys projects appear in my drafts)

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Idk I think I got hacked

I expected this to happen:
To find my drafts
But instead this happened:
I had fooddeliverys projects as drafts (Remixes drafts)
Here’s a sweet screenshot:


That....Is...Wierd! When I say wierd ai mean wierd! I..i...just don't know what kind of thing that is!


Sorry, I can't help.
Did you find your own drafts?


I don't think it's a hack, but a glitch

That's really weird tho


Oh! I have had that problem. They should just be deleted drafts brought back, not a hack problem. You can just delete them, and it should be good.


They weren't mine though it was a complete collection of fooddeliverys projects latest to oldest!


Oh... Hmm... Then that's really odd. But it should just be a really weird bug.
(Sorry, I didn't read your text at the start properly...)


Yeah I guess, I hope I haven't been hacked...


Yep, I hope so too...


I accually think I have now!

someone did this!


Ok.... That's creepy... Gee that's really odd...


Ikr who could do this!!! Or would?


I dunno.... By the way gotta go, hopefully it's just some really odd glitch/bug, bye


Bye see ya


Are you maybe on a collab account?


No this is on my DA-BEAST account! I am scared to use that account now...


Well, how'd he (she) know your name is Zac?
Are you sure it wasn't one of your siblings? :slight_smile:


You should change your password!


Maybe you opened them?...


It says it in my bio on HF