I think I have ADHD


So yeah, I am a restless kid, I get bad grades because I forget to do it/turn it in, I have all of the traits. HELP!! My parents don't belive in it, I need help,

Ps. I will make a project on ADHD, it will look like a website


Okay, so this is kind of a personal problem that we should not be talking about!


Oh and I can't focus on HS


Maybe you should show your parents something about it online, so they sorta believe it? Like a website?
Oh, and get it confirmed by a professional before you convince yourself you have it.


I hope you don't have it, but if you do have it; it should only be verified by a doctor. If this annoys you a lot talk to your parents about a doctor visit.

That is all I can tell you.

@IShallNotBeNamed I saw that :stuck_out_tongue:


You made a good point, and I shouldn't've left that out.
I feel careless for not remembering to mention it before.


Lol, I actually had recently had a conversation with my mom about it, so it's not me XD


but that's procrastination isn't it


@Titanium_Star, could you give us a sneak peek sometime soon to solidify this topic as Hopscotch-related? :)


Go to a doctor or a therapist or something and have them determine it, it's not much related to hopscotch


@Titanium_Star do not skim this post! It has important info!

I'm very sorry that you think you have ADHD. I'm not a doctor and I don't know the symptoms or if you exactly have it. I was reading an article about it and apparently it's hereditary, meaning that it passes down from parent to offspring through the genes. If it happens to be a dominant trait or a recessive trait is of concern though.

A dominant trait means that one of your parents' parents had ADHD and passed on that gene to their offspring. Then your parent passed it on to you. Recessive traits are when the dominant trait hides it, but it is possible for the recessive trait to overpower.

Now don't go yelling at your parents saying it's their fault because it's not! They can't control genes. Read this article and it might help you out a bit. It's extremely long but useful. So read as much as you can. I hope I could help!


Same. Except I don't have ADHD.


I have adhd i have to take medication (i hope i spelled that right) so i would see if you really have it first because it is not fun...


I had it when I was little, but since my dad and his dad and my uncles on both sides had it the doctors tested me early on and I took medicine and I mostly grew out of it.

I do have really bad OCD... but I've learned that it's just who I am and that I need to accept it.


not really anything to joke about but..okay.


I'm joking about me having autism...


before we go BOT, I'm saying that is nothing to joke about.



I'm literally laughing at myself..


I have ADHD!
It's not that bad and it's kinda scary but you will be fine


Well, for many people what seems like ADHD is just their personality. Tell your doctor, maybe they can help.

ADHD isn't necessarily a bad thing. Many people who have it are really funny, nice, and observe the world in an interesting way. :D

Good luck on the project :0