I think I get Regular today!



I think I get regular today, I'm so excited!! I still have to check with one of the regulars though but I did all of the requirements! If you think you are getting Regular soon, reply!
Plz can one of the leaders are somebody that knows can they tell me when I get Regular!! I think Kiwi said today! Plz help!


I think so too! Congrats!


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Yay! Can't wait!!! :smile::smile:

I'm so tempted to @ you in the lounge :stuck_out_tongue:



Yay more regulars soon! This will be awesome.


To tag you to it! @MYD


I dunno how you get regular. But then again, I literally just started using the forums yesterday. Haha.


You can ask @Kiwicute2016 in her "regular checkups" topic! She can tell you how to get it, and how close you are to getting it!

Congratulations @MYD! You totally deserve regular!

I will join you in 7 days


I'm getting it in 10 days :D so excited!


Lol so @Kiwicute2016 told me in her regular badge checkins that I need to read 1400 more posts and 600 more topics. I think I did the posts thing but the topics…. LOL


I got it Yeah Yeah Yeah!
How do I get to the lounge?