I think I found a lead


I found a person, started on sept this year, no projects, no favorites, isn't following anybody, and has some "suspicious" words in his/her username... I'm not giving the user out, but I'm saying it has something related to hacking but mispelled, 🤔


Good job!

I just wish you would of given it to me though...

I could investigate.


Wait, how about you post it, then you quickly edit. No one else is here.


this is an edited post


Anyway nice job.
What's your hopscotch name?


justanerd :stuck_out_tongue: 20202020202020


Thanks. I'll investigate IMMEDIATELY


Good job.
Lol Lol Lol


NOW INVESTIGATING: It is really hard.
But you are on to something.
I'll tell Hopscotch.
By mail.
Sir Hacky will never know unless he is on to me. :flushed:


lols? also "sir hacky" is on to you, definitely :flushed: I must stay alert! ooh! the donut is back! omnomnom what was I typing again again?


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That is quite funny.


Why wouldn't you tell us hmm? Are you one of the hackers?!


They sound suspicious...


20202020202020 body invalid


Weird... they are talking like this is all a joke or something... and It is only justanerd and DrTimeTravelLive that are talking.


Some other people and I already tested them that @justanerd and @DrTimeTravelLive that they are the hackers, and THEY are not.


Ok then. How did you test?


wait, you thought I was the hacker!?!


But I'm just here because I found it first!

But one thing confirmed, my face is this.


Like @Liza said, pointing fingers hurts people's feelings :(