I think all this leaving and quitting should STOP. (Poll included)


I think all these peoples leaving, and quitting and stuff should stop. Do you think it should? Not like leaving cuz your parents told u or cuz you are really upset and stuff that is totally understandable. But I mean stuff like this:

CapicornChronicles: hi ditsydollop. U should stop posting personal information about MustacheinMay.
MustacheinMay: yes plz stop
DitsyDollop: u guys are mean. I am leaveing.

  • Yes. YES YES YES
  • No. I luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv it!
  • ummmmm I dunno.


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If you want to leave because you are having a rough life or something, I totally understand. :slight_smile:
But I get really sad when they leave cuz they think they are hated and stuff. They don't know that a lot of hops are there for them.


If people want to leave.... they should.


If people want to leave, they should leave.

I personally think people shouldn't leave because someone else is leaving.


People can leave if they want, but the random leaving over silly fights should stop :D


Yah, that's what I mean like for example:

Joshiemonster69: hi @luxuryhotel! You have kind of a funny username.
Luxuryhotel: ummmmm...
Crazygatorrrrr: haha yeah!
Luxuryhotel: I'm leavi.ng


Tatatianno: hi classyzebra, your post was kind of off topic.
ClassyZebra: nuh uh.
Tatatianno: yuh huh.
ClassyZebra: I'm leave.ing


It should not stop
Because people need to get on with life


I mean like, people quitting for no actual real reason


People leave, and move on. You have to accept that ¯_(ツ)_/¯


You should specify that before the poll, since people might get confused!


You can't make people stay though.... it's up to the person leaving.