I take Model Requests!



Hi it's CP here! I know take model requests!!!! On hopscotch I am Pocky:cookie::icecream:Panda:panda_face:, thank you sooo much @Giggling_Jellybean1 @SmilingSnowflakes and other model makers. Huge applause to @XiaoMiaoMi for some code and inspiring me! Could we be buddies @XiaoMiaoMi?. Here is the request form!
Hair colour:
Hair Style:
Skin Colour:
Eye Colour:
Hope you request!


I'll make a request!

Username: SmileyAlyssa:blush:

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Hair Style: I wear it Down, with long wavy hair

Accessories: Black nerdy Glasses

Skin Color: Pretty Pale

Eye Color: Hazel

Extras: Purple shirt if you can

Hope you can do this!


Thank you so much for requesting SA!!! It will be finished in an hour...


Hi @CrystalPanda! I'm Eco-Friendly Cookies, if you need to know that! I'd really love to have a project of the drawing!
Username-Eco-Friendly Cookies(You do need it!)
Hair color-Blonde
Hair style-Halfway down my neck, hair wave that stretches from right front to left right above my left eye
Accessories-Big Thick Black Glasses
Skin color-Pretty pale, not very tan, but little bit tan
Eye color-VERY blue
Extras-I need a striped shirt!
Thank you @CrystalPanda! Great idea!


Finished your request! Couldn't include glasses...my coding is not that advanced yet.


If you can't do glasses, mine would be perfect without!


What is your Hopscotch username again? Sorry!


20202020202:It's Pocky:cookie::icecream:Panda:panda_face:!


To: @CrystalPanda
Username: Tia6559
Hair colour: blond with blue highlight
Hair style: a bun with little hair srips coming down
Accessories: flower in hair
Skin colour: peachy
Eye colour: blue
Extras: kitty


Thanks for requesting I'm working on it right now!


Oh and
I forgot to add that.


@Tjordan5699 what clothes do you want???


Dress: a pink dress
Shirt: none
Pants: black tights


What colour is the cat??


@Tjordan5699 what colour is the cat??


Request done!

Hope you like it @Tjordan5699


I would really like a gray cat and one more thing @CrystalPanda what is your hopscotch name?


My hopscotch name is PockyPanda


Omg publish that for the world to see that is amazing


Thanks! I published it!!!!