I take improved model requests!



Hi! It's CP here or @CrystalPanda! I am now taking requests for my improved models! I really hope you like and request! I'm XiaoYupiFrog on hopscotch! A huuuuuuuge thanks to @RenegadeBird1 and @SmilingSnowflakes for some code! Please follow me! Fill out the request form on hopscotch or the forum!
Hair Colour:
Hair Style:
Skin Colour:
Eye Colour:
Don't believe I can do it? Check my hopscotch profile!


Username: SnowGirl Studios
Hair Colour: Black with blue ends
Hair Style: long straight over shoulders with side bangs (ends of those blue as well)
Skin Colour: tan
Eye Colour: Green
Accessories: black and silver headphones
Clothes: black sweatshirt
Extras: the blue for hair is HSB(240,97,52)


ill take one!
Username: FluffyMice!
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Style: Left out
Skin Colour: Tanned
Eye Colour: Blue
Acsessories: none
Cloths: Aqua Dress


Can I be:
A Happy Coder :grinning:
Boy (if that is possible, if it's not never mind)
Redish Brown
Light tan
Small pill bug badge over top left pocket
Black wool jacket
Green infinity symbol on right hand

Thanks! It's a sort of OC.


Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:long curly
Skin Color:Toffee
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Accessories:silver earrings
Clothes:a blue shirt
Extras:black glasses


Thanks for the requests! Okay...I live in Australia so right now it's 5:13 pm so I'll work on them tomorrow. Thanks for the support!