I survived The first day


Well good news I survived the first day of junior high! I got classes in highschool halls and when the bell rings I have learned to hug the right wall as close as you can and don't stop walking or they will run you over! Well anyway on the weekends I will be able to post more stuff! I know this was random but whatever it's done now!


Remember posts should be hopscotch related!

But I'm glad you survived :D

Anyway you could make this related?




I think he made it related by saying 'I'll be more active on weekends.'

I'm scared for my first day of (technical but not official) middle school...

Yup, thanks for the hugging-right-wall tip. I'll need it, knowing the kids at my school...

Okay, back on topic!

Glad that it went well! And glad that it's the weekend so you'll be on! :00


Congratulatons :smiley: