I see inappropriate projects and I don't know what to do about it?


help me hopscotch! what should I do about this?


You should report them and email it to the hopscptch team at help@gethopscotch.com!


and how do i do that?


never mind I will do it


Oh sorry i will give screenshots!


no i got it i am doing it right now


Okay that's good with me!


Really? Then you should email hopscotch for help


Report them by clicking the ••• (3 dots) and THT will take care of it:)


I changed the title so the topic would look a bit more presentable. :slightly_smiling:


i did it it was very easy


Here is a tutorial if you still need it! :wink:

See? Super simple, and @Liza or THT will take care of it!

Also sorry @TwinkleBubbles for using your project! I didn't actually report! :grimacing:




I think I sounded too harsh :3


thanks for all of that info


No offense but I hate it when you guys say to email them. I can't and that's all I ever get. Email them. Well o can't what can I do


That really is the best thing to do :wink:


But I can't!!!!!!