I screwed up big time


Hey guys its me before you get in to reading this I want you spend a few seconds of your time to pray for Geen Wilder for making us all laff are pants off and I'm I don't know if hopschoch added it YET a mike block if not when they do I'm adding the song in young Frankenstein to frost ok now we will be talking about how I screwed up sense I thought the new hopschoch update was free but its not so I am sooryfor giving false info


The update is free but the subscription isn't.


Well I'm a dummy so how much does the subscription cost?


I think around $8.00 per month


$9.99 a month $99.99 a year $7.99 a month now. @KVJ


Why you tag me lol? Elle XD


Idk. Cuz you're cool?


Thanks? Then again I am a fridge so...


It's fine! Also, a mic block would be cool :smile: