I Saw Axolotl! (i think)



So, today I was sitting with my brother in our computer room, and he was playing a popular game called Minecraft. He was on a Creative server, and some sort of roleplay was going on. I was reading chat and a name stood out to me. "Axolotl". Someone was doing some sort of Gravity Falls roleplay I believe, and a user called "Axolotl" was taking part in it! Is this a coincidence, or the real thing? What do you guys think? I'm really not sure.


I doubt it, there are millions of Minecraft users.


I don't know... Could be! I think Axolotl is Alish, and I don't know if Alish would do that... But hey!

There are millions of players though.


I saw that edit!!
And I don't think AxolotI plays minecraft but you never know


@AHappyCoder Yeah, good point! It would be really funny if it was, though.




sorry, i can't help myself.


Axolotl is a lizard. So they probably liked the lizard :wink:


Here's a secret: Axoltl is actually Alish!


So Alosh put himself on game changers, LOL


Sorry, I couldn't help myself :3

What server was it?
@Rawrbear when will u play mc with mehhhh


WHAT @Kiwicute2016!

Omg wow I nver knew that!!!


What, really! I never had any idea!



I believe it was called Lemoncloud? I can't remember, I'll ask my brother later.

I doubt it was him, though. :wink:


The On Topicness of These Details Fills You With Determination

Later lol


Is Axolotl on the forum?


L A T E….but alish is a boy or a girl…?


Er meh good this thing is abonded