I really want this update


@liza, I have a update request. I want to have a message box or inbox or whatever you call it so you can message people and say things like "I have an idea to make this project better!" And things like that. Can that pleeeaaasseee be an update?!?


That sounds like a nice idea! But I wonder if Hopscotch could make us send messages that they created because it might seem sad to the person who created the project and the other person gives a mean comment on it..


The ability about which you are speaking, @Hoppertoscotch, would be very helpful enhancement. I like it.

The existence of that additional channel of communication (if it is sufficiently visible and sufficiently promoted) would probably contribute focus that is currently.... erm... "Still In Development" within the Hopscotch community. That's not a criticism. What I mean is that, as users focus on a dialogue that is centered on code and its underlying logic, they will necessarily have less time for or interest in irrelevant and less-rewarding subjects. And, yes, I believe that applies to nine-year-olds as well as it applies to 19-year-olds. Or 99-year-olds.

Beyond this, there is also utility in your suggestion for those who wish to share ideas and knowledge on a single project.


Yeah, I don't mean like talk about something non realated, just help with ideas!


@berrymelon, I mean like, "that's an amazing project! But, did you know you can make it so the frog will literally croak? Here's how: blablablabla" and not like, "oh, yeah that is good, but maybe you should try doing this. Blablablabla."
Get it?


@berrymelon also, so they don't make it so it's limited what you say, there can be a Report For.... button that when you tap it, you can choose why for them to be reported like, "swearing" "dangerous information" "being mean" and other things. Then, you can select sentences and words to prove that this message is doing what you said it was doing. How about that idea?


I think this is a good idea! But it would take a while to create. And also, people could bully and be mean easier. And there is so many Hopscotchers... We wouldn't be able to find all the rude ones. and also, if they were acting horrible, how would we suspend them? Suspend them from CODING? I don't think so...

(If you are wondering why I'm replying a few months late: I'm checking out all the old topics. There are some oldies but goodies!)