I really want regular


I think I have too many flags for regular but I really want it so I can talk to my friends in lounge because all their topics are being lounged because of basic badge flame wars and I can't talk to them :tired_face::sob:


Don't worry, you'll soon get there..


Well if you think you have too many flags it's probably better to just make a new account

It's faster to get reg than to re earn it I'm pretty sure


How do you know


Don't you have to be on for 100 days though :tired_face:
I wouldn't last


No 50


How many months is that


Yeah, 50.


About 2 1/2.


I'm so sorry, Liv.

I'm quite stressed, but it's gonna be okay.


only mini and her usual friends can call me by my first name :smiley:


What about me


youre mini's friend though


I think I should make a new account because I have too many flags I checked


Except for tht doesn't really want me making a new acc and I can't make one myself because it'll be on hold for so long


@codingcupcake123 can you make me an account


Uh ok but why can't you


I can't because tht told me I can't make another account because I been suspended more than three times so they probably won't accept it


If you decide to make one can you make the username "foreverfriends2468"


@codingcupcake123 wait no make the username foreverstay2468