I really want a comment page

Can we have things like a comment page? Because there is always projects that just have text. I really want one:cherry_blossom:


People could post mean comments! And please search before you post

Do you mean one like Scratch has, because if there are bad post than the owner can repot them and turn comments off. I'm sure people are nice in the hopscotch community.

they could sensor them like they do on the forums.

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They could. I still would like it to be more Scratch in that spot. Like some Notes and Credits the coder can post outside the project.

People could still override them on Hopscotch like on the forums example:

I know that.

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What does it mean when it does ■■■■■. Just as an example.

@Niftynia75 are you still in the Bean Boozled Collab?