I really think politics on hopscotch should stop view this post!


I'm tired of hearing Donald trump and Hillary Clinton doing votes with emojis and how do we end this?

  • Politics should stop!
  • Politics are fine on hopscotch



It's not actually against the rules, but it is not encouraged to do so. I agree, but at least it's not as bad as roleplaying?


Well still some people don't like others opinions and makes them upset.


Good point. I've seen other social media's ban talking about politics for that reason. Even though I've never seen an argument about it


This isn't a argument, I was just pointing out that politics are not for hopscotch.


I actually haven't seen that much stuff about the election.


I agree, but there isn't really political talk.


I agree


I think it's fine as long as they're not trashing the other candidate they don't like. That would be mean.


I don't see it much but sometimes and I don't think this is the right forum to talk about political


I don't encourage it, but I think it is ok.


Yes, I don't mind it. As long as it is not saying anything mean about each of the candidates. There is nothing in the hopscotch rules that says you can't have political projects (I don't think). :slight_smile: