I really really need help!


I've seen some Who are you? posts on Hopscotch.
I don't know how to do it.
Before you say "CLICK SEE CODE".
I already did.
But there all very complicated.
I really need help.
If you help me and it works, tell me your Hopscotch username and I will follow you.



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You know those quizzes where like you tap on like a answer and there's more questions, then at the end it shows you who you are most like?
That's what I need help figuring out how to make.


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Thx! That will hopefully help sooooo much!


I can help too, after all I'm a pro making impossible quizzes.


It's not an impossible quiz I wanna make....


Yes I know, but what I'm saying is the code is a lot like the impossible quiz


Oh ok


Can you guys help me with another thing???


Could you give me an example of what quiz you want/tell me a specific quiz, there are many variants


Ps, quite possibly...


And there are two ways offing this, one is difficult but won't take long, the other is easy but will take longer. Which do you prefer.


Off topic, but prepare for a shout out @Curved_Guitar! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thx so much f4lo, it's a pleasure!


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Simple version:
1: put down your title and start text

2: Set all values to 0. The character values is what will determine the character you are most like. The next question is a simple way of making your question change and having your options invisible/visible

3: Set values on your options


4: add the next question value by one so that the question will Change as well as all of the other options.

5. Repeat process for as long as desired
6. (Hard part) add a finish quiz button with all of your characters below. This part determines who you are most like. You are going to do the check if else block and put the values as shown inside, repeat for every other character.
P.S. The characters that I put the code on we're two different characters, just to avoid confusion

7. You are finished

Let me know if this helped you!


I will follow both of you because you both helped!!!! 🙃


Thx @EmeraldKittyCat, it was a pleasure to help you