I Really, Really Need A Break



I'm sorry guys. I'm sorry. I just haven't been in a good mood. I've been angry for the past few days, and sad, and just mad at everyone for no reason. I might be on, just probably won't post in the fear of saying something bad that will make me look like a fool. I've been worried that someone is gonna say something rude to me. I can almost tell it's gonna happen. I'm getting worked up over tiny, tiny things, and I don't want to explode. Pretty much I won't be talking for the next few weeks or so. I'm scared someone will say something awful to me, or vice versa. I'm also really insecure, and have never really liked myself. I used to think that was normal, but according to everyone else, nope.

So, yeah. I'll be on. Lurking.


We all support you, and we all need a break at some point. Please come back soon, I will miss you so much! :pensive:


Don't worry. This phase will soon go away. In the mean time, try telling yourself all the good things about you instead of focusing on the bad things!


Ok, I understand. Hopefully I'll see you soon. :disappointed:


Hopefully My drawing of a person hugging a potatoe will cheer you up a bit.


We support you! I am sorry you are feeling this way, it may be because of a lot of screen time :wink: hopefully when your back you feel better!


I'm sorry, of all of the users, it was you. ChiTea is my inspiration, and I hope you come back soon. I can't prevent you from making choices that you want to make.


Try not to tell your religion and get in flame wars. Another Hopscotcher lost…