I really need @lotsapizza to read this



Ok. I'm doing it. @LotsaPizza it's been a while. For a reason. I REALLY want to do stuff with you! Not sometimes. ALL the time. I want to do it but I can't!
1. Because I really don't want to waste your time. If I did like a collab with you that might waste 200 likes on a project. You could of gotten a like from @MagmaPOP or something!
2. I am really worried people will start saying 'leave her alone you!' And stuff like that.
So I haven't done much with you. I think I'll try to do more. But I've got some questions for you too...
1. When are you announcing the your club members? I've been literally dreaming of you posting it and I'm in!!! :sweat_smile:
2. I couldn't do the 30 day drawing challenge... Sorry. I don't have much time on the iPad every week!
Anyway Love ya stuff and you!
(Trying something #random)


@LotsaPizza come on, read this!


Read this @LotsaPizza !


@LotsaPizza, @Puppylover111 wants to talk to you!


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You know she will only get tagged once :D


Come on, people, chant it with me here,

read it, read it, Read it, Read It, read it! Read It! READ IT, READ IT! READ IT!!!!



This is quite sweet! I'd love to do a collab with you! I'll announce the members today, and you're in it :wink:
I couldn't read it because it was in lounge, and I just got my regular back :wink:


I'm breathing heavily. There is only one thing to say. To all you guys. And especially you @LotsaPizza. And that
Guys you're da BESST... And thank you @LotsaPizza for making my dream come true...

(The follow AND me being in ya art club...:sob::kissing_heart:)