I Really Need Help—StarryDream



I really need help
Graceful stars, a Hopscotch fren of mine de-friended me for some reasons I dunno.
I felt very sad then un-followed her, then she thought that I hated her
Here is a screenshot:

Anyone help me?
I need advices!
From a very sad StarryDream, SadDream​:slight_frown:

Miss Listie



I would suggest to follow her and give her a shoutout, saying that you still love her! :D


Hmm, I think dat will work…
…if she believes me


Thnx BTW!:grinning:


Yep, anytime! :slight_smile: i gtg now, byyyyyyyyyyyyyyye. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: <well not bed but soon


Sorry to hear, that's too bad :frowning: @happyfacegirl's suggestion sounds good.


I'm sorry to hear this, @StarryDream. It's okay that she unfollowed you, after all, it is her loss.

I think the best two things I think that you could do is:

  1. Ignore her. This is just an internet friend, it's not a huge deal and it's not real life. Forget about this, and move on!

  2. Apologize and explain why you unfollowed her. Tell her you didn't mean to hurt her feeling, and that you don't hate her.

Personally, I'd go with #2 so nobody is sad. This could all just be a misunderstanding. If Graceful Stars continues to say things like that though, you may just have to ignore her. :frowning:


Thnx @SmileyAlyssa!
I chose 2, and it worked!:smile:
I also wrote her a thank you letter:


Leaders and Mods, can you guys close dis?


Yay! It's fixed!

undusts hands


Really glad this is fixed :D, but I don't think this needs to be unlisted, just closed. People could learn from this experience:D




Thnx fren!


How about you try to tell her that you do want to be friends, you're sorry about the whole thing, and you really want to make up.

If that doesn't work, well, I guess you can move on.


Ooh yey it worked out! :0000


Can you please use the most recent version of the OMTL?


You used the :wink: emoji xD


Give her a shoutout! :grinning:


Great to hear that it is fixed! Maybe recycle this?