I realized my CoSine problem



So I know the basics of CoSine, but I don't know what the actual cosine/sine block does. I know the other two, but not the middle one. What is it?


I don't know how to use CoSine, sorry!
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Please put in details.




What Do You Mean?



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What? And thanks for the invite @TheGreenBanana


Can you help me, @kvj?


What do you need to make with CoSine?




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Depends what you wanna make.

@DMF is way better at CoSine but I can help too.

Try @Kiwicute2016's tutorial on HS to see how the blocks work


CoSine is really similar to sine. If you have a block like Cos(Value), that's the same as if you had Sin(Value + 90). CoSine and Sine are really similar!


Ok. Thanks @Valgo. Can you explain sine a little more?