I ran out of replies... Sonya for tankt2016 and a few more



@tankt2016 @Work_kids_coding @Rawrbear yes, it is a roleplay on HOPSCOTCH. I thought you ppl would recognize that ammediatly, but I guess not so ya! It's been covering new for like, the whole of last night. Just telling u.


Lol it's Hopscotch related guys

Also, editing your topic and tagging people is way more efficient than making new topics! Edit with the pencil button on the bottom right corner of a post or topic! :slight_smile:


oh sorry... I feel bad, I should have asked you before I jumped to conclusions



Welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!!!!!


I knew it was on Hopscotch. But role plays aren't Hopscotch-related.

And this makes it seem like it's obvious. And that can make someone feel bad for not knowing.


That's like saying the imagination topic isn't related. Except this can involve code. I think it's ok. :smile:


I think you should make your posts a little nicer.


:-0 you think it's not related? I think imagination should be like art, plus it gets are brains moving!


No, I think it is related! Imagination and creativity are very important to coding.

I was just saying rps can be sort of be considered in the same way. (I'm not a fan of them though)