I quit the forum


No! I mean it's like every like every single time. I'm really discouraged.


@Evie Same Problem, But Don't Quit, Your Still A Good Person! So Keep Up The Good Work! If Every Of One Of Your Posts Get Flagged, That Maybe Some Random Person Being Mean To You, And Just Tell The Hopscotch Team To Unflag Your Post! Hope This Helps...


I totally agree with @HopscotchArtAndGames, don't let a random mean person knock you down! Keep on going!


@Evie, just because you got so many flags doesn't mean you should quit! The reason why you might get flags is because it could be off-topic, spam, or inappropriate. To me, you posts are sometimes off-topic or not Hopscotch related but that is okay! Everyone cares about others in this community. Almost everybody got a flag. Just remember to follow and read the guidelines and soon enough, you'll be all set and a great member of the community :smile:
Be awesome!
Be nice!
Be fun!


The reason is your posst are just not related to hopscotch the forum is to help not to play if you didn't need help quit the forum so what you make your own choices!


That's right :smiley: If you get a flag, don't panic. It's more of a reminder to check your post and make sure it's following the Community Guidelines. Click here if you'd like to see them again.

We have guidelines so that the forum can be a friendly place where people can find helpful information easily. People come here to talk about Hopscotch and coding :smile: It's a bit harder to find helpful information on coding on Hopscotch if there are posts on other things outside Hopscotch.

Flags are a way of reminding people of this so don't worry if you get a flag, since you can edit it to make sure you're following the Community Guidelines. It's just to help make the forum a helpful place for everyone :blush:


@Evie Almost ALL of my posts get flagged. But I don't quit! And I don't want you to either!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Like I said before @H4x0r, flags are just reminders to stick to the Community Guidelines :blush: so if you are following them, you'll be okay and your posts shouldn't be flagged. And that's right, you don't have to quit forever :smiley: You can always take a break of course.


Well I guess that is what happens


Look at this:

I randomly got this email one day and this was what I thought, :no_mouth:"If I did spam, I wouldn't do it on the forums of my favorite app!"


Don't worry @Hoppertoscotch, once a staff member checks your post and sees that your post is fine and it's not spam or anything, they will approve it :smiley:


Ok, I just thought it was preeeettty random, because I'm still VERY new to the forum, and...yeah...I got this like the day after I joined to forum, pretty much!


It's okay, Akismet is just a program that checks through posts of users to make sure there aren't robots or anything trying to post spam on the forum, and it just checks new users often in case they are robots trying to join. That's why it hides some posts just in case, but once staff check if they're okay you'll be fine :smile:


Ohhhhhh now I understand, I think that was a smart move by the hopscotch developers! I mean, at the time, I thought there was some kind of robot or something that targets a forum user and flags the user or something pointless like that. But having a robot that checks new users' posts is a great idea!


Well, I guess not really a robot, but you know what I mean.


@Hoppertoscotch Sorry if this is off topic but Akismet also flagged my post as spam! Who is Akismet? :anguished:


really. I post that then I look at the post above and I realize "wow I stink."


No need to say that @H4x0r! Glad you were able to find the answer, that's why we encourage everyone to have a search before they post questions :smiley:


I'm confused, why would a robot try to spam something (spam means give a glitch right, sorry I'm tired). I mean, wouldn't a hacker try to spam, not a robot. Is there a robot even start enough to do that. Sorry, just confused.


@JumpyJose Spam isn't adding glitches, it's adding unrelated stuff. An example would be posting ten topics saying "hdhanxnehejsjajsnhxhxnsnsj". Or, on YouTube for example, bots post links that lead to viruses, but it's VERY unlikely you'd see that here :wink: