I quit how are two words so powerful?


I quit

How can two words be so powerful?

When you say this it means

That you don't think you belong here

It means that you give up

You don't have the Spirit to keep at it


The truth is you DO belong here because you're AWESOME and plus, it's hopscotch and hopscotch, IS #1:wink:


Welcome to the forum 9/23!
Might Quit forums Due To Being Hidden

This is very inspirational, @Gabe_N! I'm happy that you brought this up :smiley:


Yeah great job @Gabe_N that definitely gonna brighten someone's day if they want to leave hopscotch.


Keep Calm and Hopscotch On!

The most rewarding things in life are the things you have to work for :smile:

Love this message @Gabe_N, thank you for writing it.


Wow thanks this means a lot to me thanks!


I know you are saying don't give up if you are feeling down keep at it but sometimes people have to quit because they have school iPads or something happened to their IPad.


I know that but they can't control that
And I'm talking about if you think you're not popular or you don't think you get enough likes


This is so great! So many people say they quit for various reasons! I try to tell them they are awesome and to try to keep at it. Thank you so much for making this! I hope everyone sees this!!!!!