I quit hopsoctch



I didn't get a new IPad just to destroy my three-month project
(This is Hopscotch related as well so don't flag it)
I just don't get it.
I got a 600$ IPad so I could do everything with it but, instead the syncs that it synced were trash and absolutely ruined my three month superproject plan to get onto featured.
Can the Hopscotch Team fix the syncing process? Because I feel that Hopscotch is worthless and I would rather move to Scratch.
I just can't believe it


This just ■■■■■ because it is so messed up


Breath and relax. Take a break for a little while and calm down.


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You sure it actually synced? If so, it should be able to be recovered from the database.


Well, when I opened my new Ipad


I had my old stuff synced and it synced my old stuff into my school IPAD, which is my Hopscotch workhorse.


If you uploaded it to the server (which happens automatically if you have wifi), then you should be able to get it again if you contact the Hopscotch Team.


It's probably backed up the wrong stuff already...


That the problem and the data's probably wiped off the face of the Earth


It's not that, it's saved within the servers of Hopscotch itself if you have a somewhat recent update. You could clear your iPad and it should still work.


Well this s u c k s because I had finished the project when it got erased.


Guys, I know @danyatie, and he was actually putting a TON of effort into this project. It was turning out really well! I feel bad for him. :\


I've felt the same way when a project gets earased....

Probably not as bad as you, though, mine was just a tapper


You don't need to quit for that! You don't even know if you are going to get featured, but it is sad when you work hard and you don't get it. D:


Oh no! Did you remember to upload your project to the cloud while you were online?