I put an object off screen, and now I can’t get to it (CLOSED)

So I put a text off screen ( I’m on an iPhone btw) and now I can’t get to its code. What should I do?!?


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Tbh I’m not sure what you can do, sorry, but maybe put all of your code into a rainbow block or something next time? Hey do you have a link to your project, I’ll see what I can do!


You can access off- screen object by going on the code of an object and tapping on the button on the top right which will allow you to see the code for all objects.


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Enter another object’s code.
In the corner will be an eye icon.
Tap that.

You’ll see the code for all the objects in your project.

Find the object that you put off the screen.
Change it to a text object and set its text to something really long that’s basically just filler text.
Exit the code screen and see if you can see the object now. If you can, move the object to a place where you can access it.


You can use my shortcut or ask me to help by just sending a link. I’ll reposition it for you.


Tankt put it good, that should work:)

Welcome btw!


But doing that every time would not be ideal. Best solution is to get it repositioned


If you make it big enough, it should be moveable. But repositioning is also a solution, tankt’s is one that doesn’t require shortcuts.


Hence the second part of what I said: send me a link and I’ll do it for you

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I know some trick

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You can just tap the eye at the top right corner of anything’s code and then you can change the code of the object you want

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Yeah but there’s nothing that you can do if it is stuck horizontally.

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But you don’t want to do that every time.

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Well but it works so… :ok_hand:

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Now imagine that but in E-Pad? :wink:

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That would be a bit stressing

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What if THT makes a boundary in the editor to prevent objects from moving out of the screen?


Then you wouldn’t be able to have objects 3/4 of the way off like I do in E-Pad


Sorry @Meatball500000 this blew up a little

So there is no way to prevent this?

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But you can fix it with Shortcuts as with almost everything else, kinda