I play the instrument/s_________


Heat do you play?
I play clairenet
This is H related because this is how you make music(sometimes) so my music is clairenet sheet.
Please don't flag, because this explaines how you do music plus it's fun


Ok, let's sort this out now...

As of April 2016:

  • Piano: for about 2 or 3 years, still going
  • Tenor Sax: for 1 year
  • Recorder: for 2 years
  • My Voice: ALL MA LIFE

Old Post

Just had a lesson...
For some reason, I don't make music...

Also played tenor saxophone for band, only 1 year...


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Umm lol should I post my instruments that I play..


Here goes a few of the instruments that I play :grin:
I Play the Cello, Violin, Guitar, Piano, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Flute, and a little bit of the Harp!
Do I play too many?


I play piano.

I just got back from my piano lesson.



I play piano (used to have lessons, I still play for fun) and flute (mostly in band class). I also play the recorder.


I play the flute for school band the the piano for fun.


Yay I'm not the only Pianist!


There are probably tons more pianists out there. You and I are not the only ones!!


Yayz!!! Come to me fellow pianist!


I play piano, trumpet, guitar, drums, keyboard, congas, recorder, bells
Piano for 5 years
Trumpet for a year
Bells for 4 years
Guitar for 2 years
Drums for 1 1/2 years
Recorder for 4 years


I'm here...XD

I started to learn guitar, but one of my strings broke so meh


Omg! You sound like someone from my school! Your bio even matches what hers would be!


Please tell me playing 10 instruments currently isn't crazy..


Perfectly normal :P


Here's a like: :heart:

I don't think it's crazy.


Okay Good! :smiley: My music teacher said to focus on the piano but I'm like nope.
I started posting my music here if you guys want to hear it :smiley: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/SnowGirl_Studios/


I am an RCM Grade 5 pianist (I'm taking Beethoven and Bach right now)


I play a mouth organ in my spare time.