I overreacted sorry


I was just mad I am sorry I will stay I guess I am bored


Its okay.


It's ok,everybody makes mistakes.Especially if they are new to the forum.


I'm friendship2468 boi


It's OK.
It's OK.

We chill :)


Hm? First, my name has uppercase letters.
And most of that was blocked out. I'm sorry. May you please repeat that?


Why don't you quote it yourself


I don't think the forum let's you quote censored words...
I tried, and it didn't work, a loading thing just came up for a long time, and it left a blank post...weird, huh?


It's ok! It was really kind and brave of you to apologize!


That's because it was flagged.


Thanks you're really nice


Aww thanks! :D


Please stop using profanity on this forum, thank you. :)


Wait,you are? Um, I thought she was suspended but you got a new account?


How was this post flag worthy

How is saying my picture is nicki minaj "inappropriate?" I wasn't just explaining to someone what my picture was.


Hiiiiii @Cash!
It's alright!
I think yours is flag by @PastelPony because she thought that you are going to start a flame war.
No offense
Edit:PP didn't flag Cash


You are bot friendly, @Cash


I flag @Cash, @Hero_Dino


Oh, why did you flag it? Sorry I'm very curious...


As she make me mad and sad because you fight with my BFF and so i flagged her