I needed Orange HSBS, but now I'm just talking about HSBs in general



I don't get it.
Maybe because I'm not in the fandom




The maze runner fandoms are so huge if u say one thing wrong...
Good Job.
You just killed yourself.




Okay this is really off-topic but...

This. Is. Newt. As. A. Kid

HE WAS SOOO CUTE!! :heart_eyes:
He still is though


There's a guy in my class who's reading TMR.

I must be missing a lot


Awww that's cute :3 but still NOT bae


System be like:

"First the drawing topic, now this?!"

And BOT!


You were the first
btw I know you're a girl



I did it right the first time, you were talking about darkness, not pastel-ness...


OMG don't get me started.

what I mean



Okay, @OrangeScent1, what other colors?


Here is a dark orange

HSB 21, 77, 96


This one is better
To stay on topic, some HSBs:
I dare you to see what that looks like, I made it off of the top o my head

  2. Could you look for some yellows? I need some that look like hair as well, light to dark
  3. I'll go check it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, yellow, like Newt's hair? Or maybe...

okay I'll stahp


That's disturbing on so many levels D:


Okay! I got some yellows, make sure to use the trick for shades though:
1. Regular yellow: HSB(61,100,100)
2. Green-yellow: HSB(67,100,100)
3. Newt's Hair (The best yellow xD): HSB(56,100,70)
4. Pastel Yellow: HSB(62,52,100)
5. Golden Yellow: HSB(62,100,65)
I'll try more types if you want :wink:
(The trick, if you forgot, is to reduce the Brightness by a set number, like 10, or 5. Brightness is B, which is the last one. Copyright LP productions. For @OrangeScent1)


Thanks :thumbsup: I'll totally add those now