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I made a project for International Women's Day, and I want your opinion, is it good? Should I add more languages? If so, which ones?

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I just saw it on following, and I loved it. I love this day so I can remind my neighbors that t his time they can't criticize me.


@LazyLizard what do you they criticize you on?


They just think that because I'm a girl I can't play football. They are just totally jealous... I can catch like OBJ! (It's a WIP)


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@LazyLizard well that's stupid! You're gender doesn't define your skills!


I know, he only gets in more trouble. It's gotten kinda funny until he starts... Beating people up.


I know what OBJ stands for!


Great project! Ya girls!! (I'm a girl)


That's an awesome project! (My username misleads you, I am a girl)


10/10, but can you add Russian? It would be "Счастливый Международный женский день!"! :smile:


@bluedogmc-official thanks! Yeah girls!!

@Dude73 thank you! And I think your username is :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

@Rawrbear thank you, and sure!


I tried to go on it and this happened


@Niftynia75 weird...


What other languages should I add besides Russian? I've also added Japanese and Italian, but idk what else


That is so mean that girls can't play football!! I hope Hillary gets president she will let girls have equal rights!


You could add Swedish, and Arabic. Do you use google translate for the translations? Just curios! :grinning:


@bluedogmc-official ok, thanks! And yes I use google translate!


*Cough cough
Remember, no politics, they may cause flame wars. :wink:


Yes that is very true!,