I need your help! Plz I just got ⛳️


I just got :golf:️. I also just got regular. Will I lose regular? Oh, I'm so sad! The funny thing is I got :golf:️ ed in a topic about :golf:️ ing. Thanks @NeoPixel and @aabb1111 for making those funny comments and cheering me up!


Well done on the regular

But what she up with the :golf:️ Emoji


You know what that means right? Well, it won't let me type it.




You won't lose your regular rank for getting one flag. Just remember not to break the community guidelines, and you'll be fine. :)


I don't know what it means


I just got fl.agged.


Ohh ok now I get it​:joy:


Flagged isn't a bad word though


duddee chill
i have eight flags (i got unflagged for the therapy topic)
I think it's 20 flags and then you're out :1


The flags have to be confirmed i think.


oh yeah
@pianoman was it confirmed? once I got a flag but I think rodrigo unflagged it
yey :D


No you will not, if you don't get flagged like I did 3 times.


You will lose regular if you get too many flags. That's why I don't have it. But, it's okay you don't need regular.


I do not know. I edited the post so it doesn't look like it's flagged.