I need trail art help


I’m making a trail art of the logo for a musical called ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ but the curves in my R and S look a little weird any ideas? My N’s are also a little off balanced

Link to project


Hello. Haven’t seen you since last year!


Yeah I haven’t used the forum in a while.


ok (I’m out of likes)


Here you go!
Also, in the future, I recommend you use set position blocks because it makes the code much neater and easier.

I would appreciate credit if you use my code but I don’t really care that much.



I’m prob late

Make them turn a bit more, maybe that is why the turns are off?


I’m not really good at trail art, but the N looks good to me.
I’m sure you’ll figure it out, but looks great so far!


Look at the code supplied by @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE and then just ask if you need anything else.